Peta lives and works on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. Due to a car accident which resulted in a physical disability she was required to find a new way to paint and express herself, which led her into the world of digital art. This medium, combined with a newfound understanding of finding joy in the ‘little things’, and the preciousness of life, prompted a completely new direction as an Artist and allowed her the freedom to process and express emotions into physical form. Many of her themes revolve around the finding of new life and hope – a joyful expression of motion and colour which is expressed through the beauty of the fauna and flora in our world.
Peta’s Art practices have been produced as a result of physically needing to slow down.  Times of quiet and rest opened her senses to a whole new world outside her four walls – quieter and subtler, but no less vibrant for it. Sinking into the joy of simple beauties that can be found anywhere – the flash of colour as a bird flies by, or the smell of flowers on a hot evening – influences a cascade of memories which inspire a colour map for a new painting or idea.
I am honoured to be a member of the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Incorporated (QWASI) as of 2020.